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Tips on Preparing for Your Journey

Boat Documentation

If you are cruising to a foreign country, don't forget to check your boat's documentation for the expiration date & be sure to bring it with you. 

Custom's User Fee Decal Program

If you are a US citizen who will be cruising to a foreign country and your boat is 30 feet or more in length, you will need to purchase a User Fee decal to return to the US.  The cost is $25.  You can purchase your decal before you leave the states online from the Customs and Border Protection at:  Click on the "travel" tab, then select "User Fee Decal Program." You can also call 317-298-1200, ext. 1245 between 8 and 4:30 EST. Email any questions to:


When cruising, carry both a MasterCard and a Visa card along with your ATM debit card.  We've found that sometimes one is accepted and not the other.  Check the expiration dates on all cards before you leave and make sure that you have a way to receive a new card if you have one that will expire while you are cruising.

Only take currency that is in good shape.  If it has a tear or has been marked on in any way, almost all banks outside of the United States will not accept the bill.  We have found Guatemala to be the most stringent about this.

Power of Attorney

You should include a Power of Attorney in your paperwork should something happen to you while you are out cruising.  The Power of Attorney would allow the person selected to be able to move the boat to its home port or wherever necessary.  See an example of the Power of Attorney.


Looking for just the right gadgets for your boat? Most large truck stops carry 12 volt appliances --- coffee pots, small microwaves, small sauce pans & more.


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